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About Us

Company UNA CONSULT Ltd. from Belgrade has begun its work as the successor of Construction Consultancy Ltd, Belgrade, which has been present on the construction market of Serbia since 2008, primarily as a consulting and operational service to other larger companies in the field of design, management, planning of construction works and program, and providing the necessary technical support in the development of projects in the phase of project start-up, preconstruction, construction and in the final construction phase until obtaining a usage permit and putting into operation and hand over.

Una Consult is a top partner through cooperation in various fields, in the initial phase of project development and business concept, when acquainting with the general environment and direct conditions on the ground, as well as finding potential investors and establishing long-term and successful cooperation with them.

Our company with its expert technical consulting team gives excellent results in the realization of the program of construction and reduction of its real costs. Savings that can be achieved by the operation of our expert team on individual projects are measurable in a certain percentage of the total projected budget for the given project, without any impact on specified plans and programs of construction, but above all, reduce the risk of exceeding the budget and timeframe.

Representatives of the company participate in cooperation with professional teams of other companies, very successful in finalization of business concepts and main strategies, especially in countries in the surrounding. Some of the projects whose realization started and took place with immediate assistance and professional technical cooperation with Una Consult, or Construction Consultancy, are: Avenue Mall, Subotica; Porta Nova, Osijek; business residential complex, Block 11A, Belgrade; Sarajevo; business building Raiffeisen Bank, Belgrade; IT Park, Indjija.

Important business cooperation and work on the Montenegrin market is realized through a sister company that has been active since 2013, with which our expert team is currently providing professional supervision services within the Porto Montenegro project, for two residential facilities under the Regent hotel brand, as well as within the Lustica Bay project, on buildings within a touristic resort, on the exclusive Hotel Chedi, as well as on the villas of E and B group, which are currently in the phase of construction. We would like to emphasize that the expert team also took part in design management and design supervision for villa Gorica C in Podgorica, as well as for luxury residential complex on the coast of Moraca, also in Podgorica (2014-2016).


The policy of Integrated System Management (ISM) connects and gives a framework to all elements of our business in a single management system. Economic society Una Consult d.o.o., Belgrade, realizes its Integrated Management Systems Policy by implementing and constantly improving the compliance of integrated management systems according to the requirements of the standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, within the scope of its activities. Our business success in project management activities in all stages of its development; in the pre-construction phase, planning / time management, construction management, cost management and expert supervision, is based on the provision of quality, timely and efficient services to users that are fully compliant with the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. Together with the established integrated management systems, their maintenance and permanent improvement and improvement, creation of safe and healthy working conditions, is a priority tasks in the realization of the long-term business policy of the company Una Consult d.o.o., Belgrade. The implementation of the Integrated Management Systems Policy will be reflected in the following: timely and adequate planning of business activities, satisfaction of needs and expectations as well as establishing effective communication with all interested parties, satisfaction of the expressed needs of users, but also recognition of their needs and expectations, with compliance with legal and other requirements, employment of professional and ambitious personnel, supporting the continuous professional development of all employees, redistribute responsibilities among employees, for the quality of performance of activities in their domain work, achieving a high level of client satisfaction with maximum results for each project, applying a process approach and risk-based thinking, improving the organization of work in order to rationally use resources, raising the awareness, expertise and competence of each employee through systematic training, active participation of employees in the creation and improvement of integrated systems management, achieving a climate of cooperation, mutual trust, and belonging to the economy society, preserving and improving the reputation of the company, through strengthening its market position, establishment and maintenance of partnership relations with users, suppliers and subcontractors, commitment to prevention and constant reduction of the level of risk from the aspect of environmental protection and safety and health at work, with monitoring and analysis of achieved performance, as well as monitoring and initiation of measures to respond to interested parties. Management of the company Una Consult d.o.o. Belgrade, has the obligation to this Policy and the goals that from it derives from, constantly reviews and improves, for the sake of constant compliance with requirements standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, with work processes, legal and other requirements, by making decisions about conscious acceptance, limitation, reduction and/or transfer and acceptance of risk, o to which they will regularly inform employees and all interested parties. The policy is available to employees, business partners and stakeholders.

Our Services

Confirm and Review the Client’s goals and requirements in terms of functionality, quality, priorities, programme and budget.
Design Review- advice the Client and Designer upon the selection, availability and price of materials, methods of working, building systems and equipment, with the requirements for Contractors to carry out requests of design; advise on the need for additional exploration works, surveys of any of the existing buildings and/or existing services.
Pre-Construction Project Meetings / Workshops. - prepare reports setting out detailed schedules of areas and approximations of the cost for meeting the Client’s requirements. Providing recommending of economies in terms of cost
Preliminary budget preparation based on preliminary design and packages strategy. In liaison with the Client and Designer, prepare into various tender packages to be carried out by Contractor’s. Following up and control of design development with regards to preliminary budget approved by the Client.
Prequalification. Together with the Client, prepare the list of suitable Designers / Contractors to prequalify for the Project to determine and confirm the availability of financial, technical and human resources necessary for the Project. Review documentation submitted by the Designers / Contractors. Conduct interviews and visit the Designer’s / Contractor’s premises in order to prepare final recommendation to the Client. Prepare the list of suitable Designers / Contractors for Tender based on prior analyses and interviews.
Tender Strategy. Prepare necessary tender documents and form of Request for proposals (RFP) for Design services. Prepare lists of suitable Contractors from who proposals may be requested for each tender package stated in the Construction Cost Plan. Recommend to the Client the most effective tender procedures having regard to the time available and the quality and cost.
Tender process. Dispatch the bid documentation when finalized on behalf of the Client to the agreed bidders.
Tender Evaluation. Analyze the bids received in detail and issue to the Client a written bid placing report.
Early Procurement. Advice the Client of any materials or plants which should be ordered prior to the securing of the appropriate Contract in order to achieve the Construction Programme.
Monitor and advise the Client’s Project Team to do all that is necessary to satisfy the requirements of local and statutory authorities and statutory undertakers and other bodies having jurisdiction over the Project. Monitor, advice and coordinate activities with relevant Government bodies.
Agree with the Client Strategic Project Programme until Project close-out and practical completion of the Project - monitor and advise Client in order to achieve mile stone dates from the Strategic Programme Prepare reports to the Client of actual vs. planned progress, including detailed explanations of any deviation if any and advise the Client on actions to be taken to amend or avoid programme delay.
Advise the Client of any materials or plant which should be ordered (due to long delivery time or production) prior to the securing of the appropriate Contract in order to achieve the Construction Programme.
Advise the Client and Contractor in Site organization and establishment and coordinate all subcontractors with whom Client entered into agreement. Request from Contractor to provide on the Site such operatives, plant, equipment and services as may be required and as approved by the Client.
Under general direction, planning, organizing and supervision on the construction plan submittal, approval and permit issuance process.
Master schedule represents a summary level project schedule, the purpose of which is to identify all of the major deliverables for the project.
Bringing together the detailed schedule of all suppliers to one general project schedule in order to oversee all parties’ internal schedules and cross referencing this with the master schedule and the actual site and construction progress.
Monitoring the preparation and proposal of a detailed schedule, for the planning and construction phases including handover of the project from the preliminary planning stages of the project through all ongoing project processes.
Monitoring the achievement of time targets of all project parties.
Provide management, control, administration and planning of the work of the Contractors by specialized personnel.
Providing design coordination, organization and management during construction.
Make visits as necessary to the premises of the Contractors and their suppliers, and conduct regular meetings with the Contractors to monitor all aspects of progress both on and off site relevant to the latest agreed programmes. Arrange and to chair Site Progress Meetings. To expand, update and adapt, in consultation with the Client.
Ensure that the trade contractor operates in line with quality management system and produces and implements a project specific quality plan. Ensure that the trade contractor fully understands the project quality requirements. Inspect trade subcontractors’ work throughout the contract both on site and off site where appropriate.
Receipt, logging and distribution of shop drawings, provide catalogues, samples, test reports and other similar matters submitted by the Contractors. Obtaining in good time from each Contractor full operating and maintenance manuals, manufacturers’ warranties and instructions and “record” and “as built” drawings as required under any Contract for submitting the same to the Client.
Keep complete and accurate Project documents.
Supervise the day to day workload of quantity surveying resources for a project. Support selection and qualification of suppliers, tenders, negotiations, awards, and support contract management, Project Controls etc. through to final account. Agree suitable forms of contract, estimating requirements, pre-qualification requirements etc. Have an up to date knowledge and understanding of estimating requirements and standards, procurement strategies, systems, legislation and procedures, including electronic-procurement, legislation and regulations .
Act as coordinator between the Main contractor and the Tenant’s contractors on all subjects related to the Site organization at the fit-out phase.
Co-ordinate Completion and assistance during Testing and Commissioning of Tenant Services and the final inspection before grand opening.
Accomplish handover all Tenants documentation between the Client and Tenant Coordination Team.
Monitor actual expenditure in connection with the Contractors against the Construction Cost Plan and immediately to advise the Client on any deviation there from. Preparing monthly cost and progress reports and submitting both of the same to the Client.
Review the contracts between the Client and other project parties and advice as necessary. Report to the Client on any claim or notice of a claim for payment made by any Contractor for loss and/or expense or extension of time. Identify and inform the Client as soon as practicable of any sums to be contra-charged against any of the Contractors.
Control and document change orders. Review change requests and advise the Client accordingly.
Collect applications for payment from Contractors and to prepare valuations as may from time to time be necessary in accordance with the terms of the Contracts. Advise the Client on the status of the Contractors at the date of issue of Interim and Final Certificates under the Contracts. Prepare interim and final statements of account for each of the Contracts.
• Preliminary/preparatory works
• Construction works – civil, structure and finishing works
• Building services, installations
• Other works executed during construction period
• Control if construction works are executed according to valid Building permit and detailed design;
• Frequent and timely control of quality of executed works and verification of construction methods and their compliance with regulations and standards and good civil practice;
• Control and verification of the quality of executed works that cannot be examined in later stages of construction (foundations, rebar, formworks, insulations);
• Control of the quality of materials, installations, equipment and plants installed in the building, and verification if they consist of all necessary credentials, certificates, and other documentation proving their quality;
• Verification of enforcement of measures for environmental safety and protection of neighboring buildings and installations;
• Frequent control of construction schedule and its compliance with contract schedules;
• Cooperation and coordination with the Design team for provision of required design information for contractor;
• Preparation of preliminary reports and final report necessary for building occupancy, registration in Cadaster and legal usage






FIDIC Membership

FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineer’s) represents business interests of the consulting engineering industry globally. FIDIC has 83 country associations as its members, and over 2 million consulting engineers within its network.

Team Leader of our company, Branislav Simovic trough his successful, long-term and powerful career gave is one of the initiators in founding two national organizations: ACES (Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia) and ACEM (Association of Consulting Engineers of Montenegro) and contributed to both countries becoming an equal members of FIDIC. Associations initiated implementation of internationally recognized standard models of contracts for different type of construction projects in the region as FIDIC standard models of contracts are reducing project risks, protecting the interest of parties and are an excellent legal operational guidance throughout the whole project lifecycle.

In April 2009, Branislav along with other representatives of Serbia’s leading construction, design and consulting companies initiated the founding of Association of Consulting Engineers of Serbia (ACES).

In February 2010, on his initiative Association of Consulting Engineers of Montenegro (ACEM) was founded through cooperation with the Montenegro Ministry for spatial planning and environmental protection and University of Donja Gorica.

We are the proud of fact that both of the company, Una Consult and sister company Cinetics Mobility Construction are members of ACES respectively ACEM.


Una Consult is owner of the following „big licences“ - licenses for the preparation of technical documentation and construction of facilities for which a construction permit is issued by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure:

I040G1: All types of structures for Chemical, Metallurgical industry, Mineral Processing, Geological facilities in mining industry.

I131G2: For roads/state roads of the first and second order, road facilities and traffic connections to these roads and border crossings.

P061E1: Energy facilities / transmission lines with voltage over 110.

P062E1: Energy facilities / transformer stations with voltage over 110.


As of March 11, 2022, Una Consult is a member of the Register of Bidders.

Meet the Team

Nenad Milin

Finance Manager

Branislav Simović

Executive Director

Marija Ružić


Aleksandra Stakić

Bid Manager & Project Executive

Sanja Filipović

Lead HR

Petar Injac

Project Coordinator